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We are reliable and an experienced team of financing professionals whom you can trust in order to speed up the process of your loan application. Using our unique skills which we have acquired, we use a common sense approach when underwriting your loan application. We are aware of the local market and have an unconditional interest in making good loans in the community.
One Phone Call = One Straight Answer
It simply begins with a phone call, Star Loans Ltd will respond with a quick and courteous decision based on whether we can deal with your case and also assist you to find a suitable lender. Just tell us what you are looking for so we can place you with the best lender who meets your requirements.
Common sense underwriting guidelines.
We have streamlined a process to minimize required documentation.
We take all vital information which can make your application stronger.
We manage the details for the decision maker in order to explain company’s procedure and speeding up the submission process so there are no delays.
We are committed to providing high quality service to our customers.
Competitive Pricing... Superior Service.
Star Loans has an impeccable history of integrity providing borrowers the highest quality customer service in the market.
We value our customers and maintain a friendly, professional relationship, which majority of the other companies may fail to recognise.
We offer competitive pricing with a “better” quality of service that no other company can provide.

Please Note: We are not the lenders; we assist people to find a lender. Once your application is completed this does not mean your loan has been approved, it simply means that you have fulfilled our criteria and we are pleased to forward your loan application to lenders for approval. Paying a fee does not guarantee you a loan as this only covers our administration cost. For any updates or queries regarding your loan application then give our customer care department a call, your problem will be solved.

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